Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

Board of Education

The Board of Education serves as an organizational umbrella to support the different theological educational programs by studying challenges, developing road maps and offering consultations to achieve the educational vision starting with the goal of quality accredit-able programs. The main functions of the Board of Education are to serve the needs of educational programs, define goals and developing plans, leverage existing capabilities, provide some central services, and insure the education quality of the programs.

The Board of Education includes the following individuals:

1. His Grace Bishop Youssef President of Education Programs
2. Fr. Philopateer Younan General Secretary of the Board
3. Mr. Ehab Azer Finance Liaison to Hymns Institute
4. Mr. Samy Ghattas Finance Liaison to TSP Arabic
5. Dr. Samir Kamal Information Technology Liaison to FMP
6. Dr. Wasfy Mikhael Academic Affairs Liaison to TSP
7. Dr. Michael Mamlouk Academic Affairs Liaison to TSP Boarding
8. Ms. Margret Yanney Academic Administration Liaison to LEAD
9. Dr. Karam Soliman Academic Administration Liaison to TSP