Apocryphal Books

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  1. Gospel of James - Recorded the events before the Lord Jesus Christ’s birth such as the life of St. Mary, and the events of the Lord Jesus Christ’s birth and end by martyrdom of Zachariah and death of Herod.
  2. Gospel of Peter - Refereed by Yousabious in his speech about Docetic heresy but we do not have anything of it.
  3. Gospel of Hebrews - Was common among Judaizers and Ibionians in the end of 1st century and the beginning of 2nd century.
  4. Gospel of Thomas - Was common among Gnostics in the second century and reported the childhood of the Lord Jesus Christ, his miracles such as creation of birds of mud!
  5. Gospel of Egyptians - It has Gnostics principles.
  6. Gospel of Nicodemous - It focuses on suffering and death of the Lord by Pontius Pilate and his descend to Hades to save the souls of the fathers, His resurrection and ascension to heavens.
  7. Gospel of Phillip - Was common among Gnostics in the 3rd century.
  8. Gospel of the twelve apostles - In the 3rd century.
  9. Gospels of Heretics such as Basilidis the Gnostic - In the second century, Andrew the Gnostic, Cerinthus, Valntinos the Gnostic in the 3rd century and Marcion.
  10. Works of the Apostles - Were common among Ibionians and Gnostics such as works of St. Peter, St. Paul in the 2nd century, St. John, St. Andrew, St. Matthew, St. Thomas, St. Phillip, St. Paul and St. Thekla and works of St. Barnabas.