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Glorious Feast of the Resurrection

The resurrection is a wonderful meeting between two united friends who have lived together their whole life since their birth and even before it, during pregnancy in their mothers' wombs. They never separated even for one moment; They are: the body and the spirit. Each of them has a special nature; the body is earthly and the
spirit is celestial. They have united in one nature-the human nature. You cannot separate one from the other and say "This is the body and that is the spirit." They have lived together in an admirable unity. The body expresses all the sensations and feelings of the spirit. If the spirit becomes glad the body will smile and rejoice. If it
becomes sad, sorrow will appear in the eyes. After a long life they will separate from one another because of death but in the end they will meet each other in the

--His Holiness Pope Shenouda III


2010 Weekly Holy Bible Study with His Grace
Saint George Coptic Orthodox Church
2 Corinthians - Session 1

Pope Shenouda III
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Saint George church has added the Crumbs of Bread album. All twelve tracks have been added. In 2003, the album was first presented by Angels of Praise choir.





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