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Interesting Holy Bible Facts

Present Day Iraq

Many of the Biblical world's greatest ancient civilization sites are still thriving today. In present day Iraq many significant historical Biblical events have their geographical origin. It is an Interesting Biblical Fact to note that Iraq is the second ranking nation most often mentioned in the Holy Bible following Israel. It is thought by many Holy Bible scholars that the location of the Garden of Eden was near the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Iraq. Therefore Adam and Eve were created in Iraq! Did you know that Noah built the ark between these two rivers in Iraq?

Babylon: (Now southern Iraq)...Nimrod established Babylon...The Tower of Babel and the confusion of the people's languages occured in Babylon...The Babylonian king and army took Jewish captives back to this city and plundered the Temple in Jerusalem...King Nebuchadnezzar promoted Daniel for interpreting his dreams and existed in maddness for seven years living like an animal eating grass...Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to bow down to King Nebuchadnezzar's golden image and were thrown into the fiery furnace and were untouched by the flames in Babylon...One of the major prophets named Daniel was cast into a den of lions in Babylon...The Holy Book of Revelations contains prophecies against Babylon.

Haran: (Now northern Iraq)...Terah, Abraham's father settled in Haran. Abraham's servant found a wife for Isaac in Haran. Jacob fled to Haran to escape Esau's wrath. Jacob spent twenty years in Iraq.

Nineveh: (Now northern Iraq)...The prophet Jonah was sent by God to prophesy against the evil in Nineveh. The Holy Book of Nahum contains prophecy against a city in Iraq.

Ur: (Now southern Iraq)...The home of Abraham's family prior to traveling to Haran --present day Baghdad.

A final interesting fact to consider ...the word Iraq means "country with deep roots". Certainly the location of present day Iraq is deeply rooted in Biblical history.

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