Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

Global Coptic Day: "MY COPTIC HERO" Contest Winners

August 22, 2020

COLLEYVILLE, TX. August 22, 2020 -- Thanks be to God approximately 230 videos from all over the world -- the US, Canada, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia and South America - were submitted so it was truly a GLOBAL contest.

May God reward every single person who took the time and effort to submit a video.

WINNERS: Please email: to follow up.

First Place: Milano Youth Group - HE Thrice Blessed Metropolitan Kyrillos - Milan, Italy Diocese
Second Place: Samantha Gerges - Abouna Yostos El Antoni - St. Abanoub, Dallas, TX
Third Place: Arsany Georgy - St. Athanasius the Apostolic - St. Mina, Holmdel, NJ

FEMALE SAINTS: First Place: Yola Youhanna Rofer - St. Verena - Qos wa Niqada Diocese, Egypt
Second Place: St. Mark Church Group - St. Mary the Theotokos - St. Mark, Lusaka, Zambia
Third Place: Marym and Mark Habib - St. Mary of Egypt - Archangel Raphael and St. Mina, Palmdale, CA

First Place: Demiana "Demi" Saleeb - 21 Martyrs - St. Mary and St. George, Suffolk, VA
Second Place: Abanoub Boulis, Fady Gendy and Sandra Eldiery - St. Peter the Apostle - St. Mary and St. George, Albany, NY/St. George, Brooklyn, NY
Third Place: Mena Adel Gaballa - St. Moses the Strong - St. Mary and Archangel Michael, El Awayyid, Alexandria

First Place: Marina Makary - Ibrahim el Gohary - St. John, Miami, FL
Second Place: Simon the Tanner Group - St. Simon the Tanner, Sarasota, FL
Third Place: Simon the Tanner - Helmy and Rizkalla Families - St. Mary, Delray Beach, FL