Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

Southern Coptic Diocese "Youth for Christ" 2014 Winners

July 30, 2014

COLLEYVILLE, TX. July 30, 2014 -- We are pleased to announce the Southern Coptic Diocese "Youth for Christ" 2014 Award winners for Sharing our Faith.

For this year's Youth for Christ Award, young people were invited (both high school and college level) to form church teams to engage in a research and community outreach evangelical project and report on this activity.

In America there are many denominations within Christianity. There is also a lack of knowledge and understanding of the Orthodox Christian faith both within and outside of the church and community.

The goal of this contest was to encourage the Coptic youth to learn more about their orthodox faith/tradition and great contributions to Christianity made by our church, strengthen their faith and subsequently share this faith/knowledge with others. The Coptic Orthodox church is rich in apostolic tradition and has contributed greatly to the theology of Christianity via ecumenical councils, doctrines, dogma and experientially through the Orthodox liturgical life.

We thank all those who participated. The winners are:

First Place:

St. John the Baptist - Miami, FL
St. Mary - Phoenix, AZ

Second Place:

St. Mark - Phoenix, AZ
St. Joseph the Carpenter - Northern AZ

Third Place:

St. Mary & Archangel Michael - Orlando, FL
St. Philipoteer - Dallas, TX
St. Mary - Delray Beach, FL