Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

Massacre in Nag Hammady

January 9, 2010

COLLEYVILLE, TX. January 9, 2010 -- On Saturday, January 9, 2010, H.G. Bishop Youssef requests all Diocese churches to read the following letter and send it to the other churches and denominations to share with us in prayers on Sunday, January 17, 2010.

My beloved brethren

It was very sad to hear about the massacre that took place in Egypt on the Nativity Eve in Nag Hammady. No excuses nor justifications are acceptable. It is merely an inhuman act that deserves severe punishment. We cry to the Lord to defend His church and to protect His people from this cruelty that has been going on for a long time now in Egypt...(read more)

If you would like to make a donation to help those in need, please click here and select: Nag Hammady Martyrs.